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That's Nuts! Fox News Tells All…

July 26, 2007 •  no comments.

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A recent story on Fox News (the Top Health Video right now!) addresses the stunning revelation of an allergen-free peanut that has just been announced by an up and coming researcher. Click here to see the response of Duke University’s Wesley Burks who is working on a vaccine.

This revelation highlights a growing problem: aflatoxin, a chemical toxin found in foods like wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, milk, chicken and more (interestingly, these same foods are top allergens). Click here to learn more about the carcinogenic effects of aflatoxin.

Maybe our little ones’ with food allergies are blessings in disguise…could they be trying to tell us something about our food supply?!

Confused About Food Labels?! You're not Alone!

July 17, 2007 •  no comments.

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AllergyKids is grateful to Lauraan Neergaard for highlighting the confusion over food labels in this recent Associated Press article.

To learn more, please visit AllergyKids’ Newsletter Archives and read our Feb. 28, 2007 “Allergen Labeling Alert” to learn how the laws have been designed to shield corporations from liability while placing our children at risk (not good!).

Contact Congress to highlight the important role that labeling plays in protecting the health and well-being of these children.

A Mommy Revolution! Revolution Health, Oprah and AllergyKids

July 15, 2007 •  no comments.

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At AllergyKids, we are all about inspiring change and are thrilled to announce a phenomenal new partnership to help you nurture yourself and your family: Revolution Health has teamed up with Oprah and O Magazine and have asked AllergyKids to invite you to Miami! Register now to win a free trip to the O! You Conference September 29th in Miami. Check out the details (and this inspiring new collaboration!) at http://www.revolutionhealth.com/oprah