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Greenspan's Warning: Little Value Placed on Weighing of Long Term Consequences

September 17, 2007 •  no comments.

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As Alan Greenspan makes headlines with his just-released memoir, “The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World,” one line stood out in his critique of current government policy: “Little value was placed…on the weighing of long term consequences.”

In no way is this more apparent than in the current race to convert our food supply to fuel, developing corn crops for ethanol, in an effort to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

As Greenspan highlights, the effort “fundamentally focusing on how to maintain political power” has led to the corporate consolidation of the food and fuel supply into a single crop upon which we are increasingly dependent.

To meet this increased demand, bio-chemists have introduced the first ever eight-gene stacked DNA combination into corn. These eight genes are inserted into corn using live viruses and combine insecticidal toxins designed to kill creatures that attempt to eat it.

Given that our children are included in the list of creatures eating this corn, should we really be engineering the “first-ever” eight-gene, neurotoxic stack into our food supply while our government places “little value…on the weighing of long term consequences?”

Greenspan warns in his book that we have “traded principles for power.” Given that one out of every three American children now has ADHD, autism, allergies and asthma, have we traded something even greater?

Will US Leaders Follow Global Leadership in Addressing Additive Risks for AllergyKids?

September 14, 2007 •  one comment.

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In working with research teams in the UK, we are thrilled to highlight the remarkable work of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his call for an immediate investigation into the effects that chemical additives have on the health of children.

As the Prime Minister calls on “Food Watchdogs” to remove these additives from children’s foods in the UK, AllergyKids’ concern is that because these “Food Watchdogs” in the US are funded by the corporations engineering these ingredients into our children’s foods and leading pediatric allergists have testified to the safety of these ingredients, this issue is not being addressed for the 75 million American children.

We are extremely grateful to Prime Minister Brown for his call to action on behalf of the children and invite our leaders to follow!

Is a USDA Flawed Analysis of Gut Paralysis Virus Putting Our Children At Risk?

September 8, 2007 •  3 comments.

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The Chicago Tribune and Seattle Times recently attributed the bee colony collapse to acute paralysis virus, a virus introduced three years ago, around the same time as the introduction of a controversial strain of genetically modified corn into our food supply.

This controversial corn was engineered with a virus designed to introduce a neurotoxic insecticidal protein into the DNA of the corn cell. The purpose of injecting this neurotoxic protein into the corn was to cause gut paralysis in insects that tried to consume the corn, protecting crop yield and profitability of the corn crop.

Despite court rulings across Europe calling on a ban of the sale of this corn given the gastrointestinal toxicity that it presented in animals in a 90-day feeding trial, a corn geneticist, who has subsequently gone to work for the State Department, was recently awarded the National Medal of Science Award.

25% of foods found on our grocery store shelves are derived from genetically engineered corn, as highlighted in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and 70% of our immune system is found in our guts. Corn and corn fed livestock are some of the fastest growing food allergies in children (Corn Allergies: Is Your Family’s Diet Putting Your Children at Risk?).

As American children ingest the same virus-containing corn that has apparently killed the bees, have we unknowingly and without our informed consent, engaged our children in one of the largest human trials in history?

Will we listen to the canaries in the coalmine?

Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children

September 7, 2007 •  no comments.

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AllergyKids is thrilled to highlight the work of one of the brightest school lunch ladies in the country, Chef Ann Cooper, who is inspiring children to take charge of their own health in their school cafeterias.

Today, one of out every three children has allergies, asthma, autism or ADHD.

We are so grateful to Ann and her team at Lunch Lessons for inspiring change in our children and for teaching them exactly why FOOD MATTERS.

We invite you to learn more from Ann and her team! The future productivity of our country depends on these little ones!

Crediting Safe@School Partners for Their Incredible Work!

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AllergyKids would like to highlight the work of our friends at Safe@School Partners and their amazing efforts in protecting the health and well-being of our children at school. In today’s newsletter, we failed to include a direct link to their website http://www.foodallergysmart.org/ , though links can be found in the forms that you can download at AllergyKids.com or at FoodAllergySmart.org. We can not begin to express our gratitude for Maria and her team. Thank you!