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A Texas Revolution

February 21, 2011 •  4 comments.

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Written by Robyn O’Brien

This weekend, I had the honor of presenting in Texas. And I was nervous.

The first time that I’d presented in Texas a year and a half ago, six people showed up (and three of them were related to me).

But the audience size had grown over the years, and the event at the Austin Music Hall for a sold-out crowd of 550 people and video cameras doing the livestream thing was daunting…to say the least.

But as I took the stage, I said a prayer and let my heart speak. I had been born and raised in Texas. And I know all too well that this state can be so full of passion and strength.

And as I spoke, calling on the audience to lend their talents and minds to one of the most patriotic things that I think we can be doing right now: protecting the health of our families – who represent not only our future students, entrepreneurs and leaders, but also our future economic prosperity and competitiveness in the global marketplace, something happened.

As they began to stand, I honestly thought that I had missed a cue (was there some slide behind me that I couldn’t see? why were they getting out of their seats?). But when I was called back to the stage, to acknowledge what was happening, I realized that before me stood a room full of Texans, rising up for the food revolution. And it was incredible.

So for that incredible group, inspired to create the kind of health we want to see in our families, our corporations and our economy, here is a list of 9 things that you can do.

9 Steps You Can Take to Protect the Health of Your Loved Ones:

  1. Try to reduce your family’s exposure to processed foods because according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, 75% of processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.
  2. Look for “rBGH-free” milk or organic milk. You can find it almost anywhere – from Wal-Mart to Whole Foods, Safeway to Sams. Since rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is a genetically engineered, synthetic growth hormone that is not allowed most developed countries due to health concerns
  3. When you can, try to purchase organic eggs, as they are not from chickens fed corn or soy that has been genetically engineered
  4. Cook with olive oil instead of conventional butter, margarine or vegetable oil which most likely contain genetically engineered ingredients
  5. Avoid conventional soy and corn products (vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup) since most have been genetically engineered
  6. Look for meat and poultry that have not injected with antibiotics and additional synthetic growth hormones
  7. As recommended by the British Dietetic Association, avoid exposing infants under the age of 12 months to conventional soy
  8. When possible, consume organic foods for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in order to reduce your exposure to pesticides (which have recently been linked to hyperactitivity in children and other conditions like cancer, as cited in the Presidents Cancer Report)
  9. Tell a friend, your mom, your brother, your sister. Because together, we will affect remarkable change in the health of our families.

And remember, while none of us can do everything, all of us can do one thing. And sometimes, that one thing just might be the thing that changes the world.

4 Responses to “A Texas Revolution”

  1. Thanks, Robyn, for being there Saturday. I’m sharing this post on Facebook to expand the reach and ask everyone I know to do one thing.

  2. Thank you so much for the action steps. Your talk was INSPIRING!

    Thank you for all the work that you do.

    Joanna Verdone, LOTR
    Occupational Therapist

  3. Thank you for making a difference in the world. Your talk was amazing and I was one of the one’s out there giving you a standing ovation.

    You impacted hundreds of people sending them a clear message about our food. It is so important. I am excited to have found someone that is being so vocal about the things I believe in.

    You are awesome. Keep up the great work!

  4. AllergyKids

    Thanks so much for the inspiring event in Austin. What an incredible day! So glad that you connected here!

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