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    Feeling Overwhelmed? Start with Baby Steps

    October 30, 2010 •  one comment.

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    At the AllergyKids Foundation, we know it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with the wealth of information available to you on television, the internet and in magazines. So we always emphasize how important it is to remember to take baby steps when it comes to making changes in the way that you feed your family.

    Just as you didn’t wean your child from a sippy cup overnight or potty train them in a day, the transition to a new way of eating is going to take time, too.

    So we’ve turned to one of our nutrionists, Joy McCarthy, who wants to help encourage you to start simple with these five tips for eating REAL FOOD:

    1. Read your food packaging labels. Avoid buying food with more than 3-4 ingredients. The simpler the better and more nutrient-dense.
    2. Buy food that doesn’t have a health claim. Real food doesn’t need a health claim. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. Have you ever seen a sign on a bushel of apples that read: Buy me, I will reduce your child’s asthma, help detox your liver or improve your colon health? Simply stated, real food doesn’t need a health claim.
    3. Avoid foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize. This is the safest way to avoid chemical additives and preservatives that may cause an allergic reaction.
    4. Buy foods that are brightly coloured by nature means because it indicates a high level of antioxidants (apples, kale, carrots, spinach) as opposed to foods that are brightly coloured from a high level of chemicals (ie. Processed foods: artificially colored cereals, fruit juices).
    5. Ask yourself how long did it take to get from the earth to your dinner plate. The less processed foods you eat, the more nutrients you get into your body and the less likely it will contain additives that could cause health problems.

    Joy McCarthy, is both a Certified and Registered Nutritionist (CNP, RNCP)* & Health Coach. The owner and founder of a Joyous Health – a wellness consulting company in downtown Toronto, devoted to inspiring and motivating people to make positive changes resulting in a healthier and happier lifestyle.

    Joyous Health looks at the whole person and all the factors that affect your health. Please visit the CLIENT LOVE page to see how it impacts lives.

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      1. Samantha

        Excellent ideas. I have four kids and two have allergies. I will definitely incorporate her suggestions into my children’s diets. Thank you.

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