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Food Heroes

February 19, 2012 •  2 comments.

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At AllergyKids, we are all about celebrating the amazing accomplishments that happen every day. Nothing is too big or too small. Some accomplishments exceed anything that anyone could have imagined, and others are every day acts of love that are taken to help protect a child with allergies, asthma, ADHD and autism.

We believe that there is a hero in everyone. And sometimes, you might need a nudge or a little bit of permission to unleash yours. Which is why we share the stories of those who inspire us. Everyday heroes and those who have gone to extraordinary lengths for the health of our families and our food supply.

On our Food Heroes page, we’ve just added a new one. You can check it out here. She is a mom who believed that a quick, easy and healthy mac and cheese should be available to moms everywhere. A bowl of noodles that isn’t loaded down with artificial colors and growth hormones. Her name is Annie. Maybe you’ve heard of her company, Annie’s Homegrown.

And maybe there is a food hero in you or a food hero story you want to share. Let us know. Share your story and the love, inspiration and special talents that inspired it Because it is together that we will create a food system that will make our country proud.

2 Responses to “Food Heroes”

  1. I would like to recognize all of the Feingold Assn. volunteers, who for the last 35 years, have given selflessly, to educate parents about the negative impact of artificial food additives on behavior, health & learning. We are fighting the good fight, but have a long way to go, all uphill it seems sometimes.

  2. Shannon

    Denise Bunning, who is the primary contact for MOCHA in Illnois, deserves a standing ovation! She consistently sends emails to our growing group to inform us food allergies in the news, and she ensures that we are aware of imperative legislation that is/was being discussed in our state and federally.

    I first meet Denise about a month after my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies (dairy, eggs, peanuts, all tree nuts, sesame, mustard, curry, bananas, avocados, beef, and raw tomatoes). I felt hopeless….

    Denise immediately told me that I could do it. She gave me multiple handouts, recommended cookbooks, resource guides, ensured I knew how to use an EpiPen, and finally a hug. If I ever told her how much that moment changed my life, I know I would break down and cry.

    Thank you for this opportunity. Denise is a trailblazer, and I feel so blessed to learn from her, and follow her lead!

    All the best,
    Shannon Pokornik

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