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    Free Webinar: How You Can Protect Your Families From Hidden Allergens in Food

    November 14, 2011 •  3 comments.

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    Anyone who knows the story behind the AllergyKids Foundation knows that our very reason for existing is to help inform and inspire families about ways that they can protect the health of their loved ones.

    So this week, AllergyKids is proud to announce that we are working with Annie’s Naturals to bring you up to speed on the growing concern over genetically engineered ingredients in our food supply.

    Because fifteen years ago, scientists wielding gene guns got ahold of our basic food crops like corn and soy and started injecting them with agrichemical ingredients never before used in corn and soy. Countries around the world said either “No way!” or “Label them” while here in the US, these new ingredients, allergens and proteins, collectively known as “GMOs” or “genetically modified organisms” were introduced without our knowing it.

    On Tuesday, November 15th, in a free live chat Robyn O’Brien, founder of the AllergyKids Foundation and author of The Unhealthy Truth and Chuck Benbrook, Chief Scientist at the Organic Center, you’ll have the chance to hear and talk about:

    • What is biotechnology and genetically engineered foods?

    • Why you’ve never heard of them and where to watch for them

    • The connection between GMOs and health, including new information about allergies

    • Where you can find more information and resources

    • How to take action on labeling

    To attend this free live chat, register here: http://healthandgmos.eventbrite.com/ or you can head over to annies.com/livechaton Tuesday, 11/15 at 11:00am (PST).

    And a big, fully transparent “thank you” goes out to Annie’s Natural for their help in bringing this potentially life-saving information to light.

      3 Responses to “Free Webinar: How You Can Protect Your Families From Hidden Allergens in Food”

      1. veronica


      2. Lori

        Thank you for hosting this live chat!

      3. M. Buckner

        The quality of Chuck Benbrook’s Power Point Presentation on GMOs (genetically engineered crops and foods) and what we know and don’t know about the risks is outstanding. Robyn O’Brien’s questions enhanced the presentation.

        That there has been only one rigorous study (over 10 years ago) of possible health risks and that no one has done the research to replicate it is shocking.

        Mr. Benbrook presented a complex subject in a simple, easily understandable way. I wish that he could appear on PBS or NPR to enlighten the public about this priority topic.

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