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    Going Against the Grain: When the Solution is in the Pantry

    February 5, 2012 •  2 comments.

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    At AllergyKids, we are big fans of those that make lemonade out of the lemons that life can hand us. So when Kelley Suggs, author of Going Against the Grain, first reached out to share her story, we were inspired. We hope that you will be, too.

    My baby was sick. He wasn’t sick in way that was terminal, but it was terrifying and frustrating and exhausting. Being sick was normal to my baby. As he neared a year old, the doctors, all of those doctors, told us that he needed more antibiotics. And chest x-rays. And Ranitidine to soothe his reflux. He ended up taking 12 doses of antibiotics, and some were painfully injected into his tiny little muscles. He had an unnecessary surgery and his growth fell off of the charts. We were worried and sleepless listening to him cough and choke through the night and his pillow case was worn from so much use as a tissue. Eventually, he had to be tested for C Diff, that ugly, life threatening condition that generally effects much older, much more geriatric populations. Before his first birthday, first haircut and first Christmas, he had his first hospital gown, first surgery and his first anesthesia.

    This picture was taken when he was at Children’s Hospital with a sinus infection. I took him to the hospital that time because I was so worried about him. I needed help and I wasn’t getting it from any of the doctors we had seen or the referrals they were giving us. Before things got better, they got worse. We brought home a second baby who suffered even worse reflux, who couldn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes and who couldn’t even grasp my finger or pat my face because he was in such a constant state of pain.

    We needed to be done with this. Our babies needed to be done with this. We searched everywhere for solutions and started treating ear infections with chiropractic care and avoiding antibiotics. We began looking to our food for solutions, eliminating this and adding that. We were hopeful when we found that eliminating dairy eased so many of the symptoms. Unfortunately, not all of the symptoms were relieved, so we searched even more unconventional places. Through our family network, we found a naturopath who finally set our feet on the right road.

    The solution wasn’t in the Gastroenterologists’ office or the ENT’s office, the antibiotic or Ranitidine bottle.

    It was in our pantry.

    We learned that our kids cannot tolerate grain. Not corn or corn syrup, not wheat or wheat flour, not oatmeal or rice. That meant these two little people cannot eat crackers, cookies, spaghetti noodles, mac n’ cheese or Cheerios. Not any of the things we had been feeding them. Because knowing better means doing better, and we were so tired of watching our kids struggle, we made the changes the naturopath recommended, really hard changes. And our boys got better. Brayden, our first baby began to grow. Jack, our second baby, stopped puking, could sleep and even snuggle with us. It was a long journey. It terrified us, but we made it. Our kids are so much better for our efforts. We are grateful every day that they are such healthy, rambunctious boys now (even when they are rambunctious at the grocery store!).

    If your kids are struggling like ours were, don’t be afraid to get help. One easy way is to buy Going Against the Grain; Food for an Uncommon Life. It is a cookbook and nutrition guide that I wrote based on the meals, snacks and birthday cakes that we eat now on a regular basis. The recipes are far from the dangerous American Standard Diet, are delicious for hungry kids, meat lovers and the gluten and time challenged. There are also several money saving tips, photos and general kitchen information that will help make it easier to change the way you eat.

    And the first person to comment on this post will receive a free copy!

    Healthy and well wishes,

    Kelley Suggs, CHES

      2 Responses to “Going Against the Grain: When the Solution is in the Pantry”

      1. I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, but I commend you for asking all the right questions and trusting your instincts over so called “experts.” I embarked on a very similar journey with my daughter, who started out with a severe food allergy as a baby, and now cannot eat grains, milk products, sugar, or many starches. It’s been a true challenge, but the whole experience has been eye opening and everyone in our family has become so much healthier as a result.

        Thank you so much for sharing your story and for writing your book. I now read everything I can get my hands on about nutrition and health in general, as I strongly believe in trusting your own instincts and research over the politically correct “experts.”

        Be well and best wishes!

        • Hi Dawn! Thank you for your reply and encouragement. Your copy of Going Against the Grain is on it’s way. Hope you enjoy the recipes!

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