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    Is Juice Soda in Disguise?

    December 6, 2011 •  4 comments.

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    At AllergyKids, we are always looking for insight into ways that we can protect the health of children.

    With Dr. Oz recently bringing a much-needed awareness to what exactly is in the juices that we are giving our kids, we turned our attention to the sweet stuff and came across this infographic from Health Science that highlights just how much weight-promoting sugar is now found in our “fruit juices”.

    Since we had no idea that an 8 ounce serving of juice contained more sugar than 2 1/2 donuts or a can of soda, we felt compelled to share it.

    Since the rate of having a food allergy is 59% higher in obese children, this new-found knowledge might do more than help reduce the obesity epidemic we are seeing in our children, it might help reduce the burden of allergies, heart diseases and other conditions weighing on the health of our families, too.

      4 Responses to “Is Juice Soda in Disguise?”

      1. It’s very important when reading labels to distinguish products that naturally contain sugar and other vital nutrients vs products that offer calories but little else when it comes to nutrition. Small amounts of 100 percent fruit juice can fit into a healthful diet without promoting weight gain whereas lots of sweetened beverages can certainly contribute to excess calorie and sugar intake. It’s critical that consumers read nutrition facts panels on food labels and to look for no added sugar on the label. And of course, fresh fruit with its natural sweetness should always make up the bulk of our fruit daily intake especially because of its fiber content. But 100 percent fruit juice (1/2 cup to 1 cup a day), in the context of an otherwise healthful, calorie controlled diet, is ok in my book for most.

      2. Sarah g

        My daughter doesn’t get juice. Breastmilk, water, or water with some lemon. If we were to get juice, 100% only. Fruits are sweet enough there is no need to add sugar! I would definatily offer juice any day over soda though, at least juice has some nutrition in it vs the empty calories in soda.

      3. Carol

        Another misleading headline. This story is not about juice, it is about fruit drinks, I never buy those for my kids, only 100% juice. Geez, take a moent to read the ingredients.

      4. I refuse to drink any fruit juice as it’s just processed fruit. I will eat a piece of whole fruit or some cooked fruit, but not juice that’s been extracted from fruit. I prefer to drink a glass of water and eat an apple instead of drinking a glass of fruit juice. Because of it’s high sugar content fruit should be eaten in moderation. Sadly, since fruit is grouped together with vegetables by the gov’t eating recommendations many people simple choose fruit over vegetables and think it’s just as healthy not realizing they’re still getting a lot of sugar, albeit the natural kind, it’s still sugar. We should be eating far more vegetables and far less fruit for a healthy diet.

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