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    The Power of One Mom (and Cake)

    February 4, 2011 •  3 comments.

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    Written by Betsy Hosp, founder of Power of One Woman and Non-Toxic Mommy

    When my daughter was diagnosed with allergies at the age of two, I had the opportunity to learn the impact of artificial colors and flavorings on our health and the impact of allergies on a family. I also began on a research mission to learn why my daughter’s immune system was not resisting certain infections. This led to a discovery that certain foods helped us to stay healthy while other foods depressed our immune systems causing a lower resistance to infections. After switching to organics, adding probiotics to our diet, and clearing for yeast, my daughter’s health turned around almost immediately. We went from 2-3 doctors’ visits monthly to none. I became more interested in what is in our food.

    She is healthy today at eight years old. We have stuck to the mostly organic diet and supplement routine. We allow the kids to eat off our menu when attending birthday parties or visiting friends, and we can tell when she has strayed too far off her diet for eczema appears. One food which comes up often is birthday cake. When I offered to make an entirely organic cake for my mother’s 80th birthday party using homemade icing I was shocked to learn what our children are eating with store bought cakes. What seems so innocently friendly and adding to the festivities is filled with many fillers and additives.

    Let’s look at the cake:

    Bleached flour from refined wheat; Refined white sugar; Eggs or egg substitute with hormones, antibiotics; Milk or milk powder with antibiotics, and hormones; Vanilla and/or chocolate with high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavorings. (If the cake is red velvet, caramel or another specialty type this brings in more ingredients.)

    Now let’s go the icing:

    Partially Hydrogenated Oil, the equivalent of Crisco; Refined Powdered Sugar; Artificial flavorings; Dyes, food coloring for the color effect: the more colors in the icing, the more dyes used.

    Putting this together we have:

    High Fructose Corn Syrup: linked with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity; raises triglyceride levels and possibly linked with cancer

    Partially Hydrogenated Oils: genetically modified ingredient containing metal and linked with: Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s, ADHD

    Dyes: known to impair cognition and linked with ADHD

    Refined Sugar – depresses immune system

    It doesn’t sound or look as sweet when we look at the ingredients. One comment I hear often is: “The children love it. Let them have some cake.” I am in full agreement. Let’s have the cake be something which retains their health and not sends their system into shock – our immune systems become extremely busy working on these invaders to the body. With the immune system this busy on food invaders its focus is taken away from its job of resisting infections and viruses, also common at birthday parties.

    Children and adults love cake – But who is responsible for serving the cake to children and for what goes in it? We are. Do we know the ingredients? Are we asking the questions? Are we supporting stores making cakes from natural ingredients? Baking a homemade cake may take a bit longer than picking it up from the store but it makes for fun time with my children. We made these completely organic cakes (Dr. Oetker’s Organic Cake Mix) for under $14.00. My daughter can do most of it herself. So let the children have cake – AND their health too.

    For more information visit our Organics 101 page at http://www.allergykids.com/what-you-can-do/organic-101/

    Betsy Hosp is the founder of Non-toxic Mommy & Power of One Woman: www.Powerofonewoman.net; www.powerofonewoman.blogspot.com.Please visit us on Twitter and Facebook at: www.facebook.com/powerofonewoman, www.twitter.com/powerofonewoman

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