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    Start: With What Works for You

    June 4, 2010 •  no comments.

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    With the Euro hitting new lows, obesity hitting new highs, and toxins spewing across our oceans, food and finances, it just might be time to start making some changes in the way that we do things.

    But where in the world to start? Lightbulbs? Groceries? Cars?

    It can be so totally overwhelming. And when things get overwhelming, they get confusing. And confusion can lead to paralysis. And paralysis doesn’t get us anywhere.

    So while none of us can do everything, all of us can do one thing. We just have to start where we stand.

    Thankfully, His Royal Highness Prince of Wales has launched an initiative called START to help us do just that.

    Start with the clip below. Start thinking about alternatives. Start with what works for you. Just start…

    Because one start will lead to another…

    Learn more at www.startuk.org

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