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    Why the Increase in Food Allergies? A TEDx Talk Sheds Light

    June 20, 2011 •  7 comments.

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    With a new report in the journal Pediatrics stating that the number of children with food allergies is on the rise, the media is rightfully asking the questions: Why? And why now?

    Because the fact of the matter is that twenty years ago, food allergies seemed rare. Most of us didn’t know a peanut-allergic kid when we were little. And back in those days, a PB&J and a carton of milk weren’t considered loaded weapons on a lunchroom table.

    So what has changed? Are parents increasingly diagnosing food allergies?

    Not according to the Centers for Disease Control who reported in October 2008 that there had been a 265% increase in the rate of hospitalizations related to food allergic reactions. That was doctors checking people into the emergency room, not mothers self-diagnosing. And the boom in the sales of allergy medications like epinephrine injectors also speaks to the growing prevalence of this condition as these medical devices represent increasing revenue opportunities.

    So what has changed?

    At AllergyKids, we’re glad you asked. But first, we’re going to elaborate on what exactly a food allergy is.

    A food allergy is when your body sees food proteins as foreign and launches an inflammatory response to drive out those foreign invader. At to us, that begged the question: Is there something foreign in the food supply that wasn’t there when we were kids?

    And as a matter of fact, there is. And while correlation is not causation, at AllergyKids, we believe that the introduction of foreign proteins into our food supply just over fifteen years ago, foreign proteins that were either never allowed into the food supply in other countries or were introduced with warning labels so that consumers could make an informed choice, has a lot to do with the increasing rates of food allergies in the United States and in our loved ones.

    So we invite you to watch our founder, Robyn O’Brien, in this TEDx talk, in which she elaborates on information that eaters in countries around the world have already been told about the allergenicity of these new, foreign proteins, and then let us know what you think. Because we believe that together, we can restore the health of our children, and that for the sake of our country, we have to.

      7 Responses to “Why the Increase in Food Allergies? A TEDx Talk Sheds Light”

      1. Christy Ethridge

        you are amazing…and you give me hope to keep on spreading knowledge!!! EAT ORGANIC AND GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!!:)

      2. judy gourden

        where is the video about increase in food allergies by tedx? i don’t see it…..

        • AllergyKids

          Judy, It should be there so please let us know if for some reason you still can’t access it.

      3. Tami

        WOW, great info.

        I grew up in the midwest and as a young adult had little patience for the “granola” crowd. But the past few years I find myself buying more and more organic, and less & less processed food. Trying to raise kids without HFCS and corn-based products has sometimes been a challenge. But since my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease, my grocery shopping has changed even more. I love the local butcher shops and produce dealers we have in our area!

        I shared this video with my husband–I’m hoping to wean him from PopTarts and the non-organic foods he loves. My family is too important to feed them unsafe foods!! And comparing the grocery bill to medical bills makes it an easy choice to spend more for safer food.

      4. Jamie

        WOW! I am so impressed with your research on this subject. As a parent of a child with 72 allergies, and severe eczema, I am so disappointed in our government for allowing such things to take place. It really has me rethinking how I feed my child. I will be spreading this information to my fellow teachers and parents within my school. Please continue your work and fight to make a change. I support you all the way.

      5. Debbie

        Absolutely excellent!!! I am so glad to see this. We simply must educate each other. I learned about GMO’s last year and it completely changed my view about our food supply. I teach cooking classes for adults and children. Every chance I get, I spread the word. GO ORGANIC!!

      6. If this is precisely what Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want the United States completely dependent on
        foreign fossil fuels. Depends on a person’s overall life?

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