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    Newman’s Own Organics Guide to a Good Life

    By Nell Newman and Joseph D’Agnese

    The Newman’s Own Organics Guide to a Good Life is an essential book for those of us who care about our quality of life, global warming, clean water, and disappearing resources. Along with realistic, practical advice, the book illustrates how and why living a more environmentally conscious life benefits you and your immediate surroundings. In addition to recycling and reusing, the book covers consumer-related steps such as: how buying and eating organic food supports small farms (and tastes better, too), choosing to buy clean power through your regular power company, as well as where to buy everything–from pots and pans to pet food–so that you can “vote with your dollar” and feel good about your purchases. Packed with profiles of fascinating people and a heavy dose of sanity, this book is organized according to the way you really live, making it easy to identify what areas of change are viable for you. A resource directory of publications, retailers, groups, and associations is included in the back of the book.

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