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    What Moms in Europe Know

    • 75% of processed foods contain unlabeled genetically engineered, chemical toxins
    • 91% of all soy contains these toxins
    • Almost 60% of all corn contains these toxins
    • And according to studies conducted around the world, these newly engineered toxins have not yet been proven safe which is why they are not found in children’s products, animal feed and consumer food products in other developed countries. In the US, however, these toxins were introduced into our food supply in the 1990s, without labels, because they had not yet been proven dangerous. As a result, the only way to ensure that you are not exposed to these new toxins and proteins is to either avoid them or to purchase products labeled “USDA Organic” which, by law, are not allowed to contain these chemically and genetically engineered toxins.

    But because of the additional costs imposed on the production of organic products in the US, “Going Organic” is not always an option. Therefore, a simple step that a mother can take during her pregnancy or parents and caregivers can take to protect the health of their loved ones is to avoid these hidden toxins and chemicals is to avoid processed foods, conventional soy and conventional corn ingredients.

    Mothers in other developed countries are advised to “go organic” during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy in order to avoid these toxins in their diet, AllergyKids believes that mothers in the US deserve to know about this simple step when it comes to protecting the health of their unborn children.