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    Make your own Snack Packs (and get your kids to help!)

    Step 1: Tell your kids why you’re not buying the prepackaged versions anymore: too many chemicals and you love your kids too much to feed them that.

    Step 2: Get creative and make your own snack packs. Enlist the help of your kids. I tried to mix four healthy choices into the bag, making the fifth one the bonus feature! For example: 1) raisins, 2) nuts (if you can swing it in an allergy-free house), 3) some pretzels, 4) some little crackers (from a box with a short list of ingredients that you can pronounce) and for 5) maybe a chocolate chip or two (or if you’re like me and hate throwing out food, you may want to use up the candy-coated cereal here or the M&Ms you still have or the yogurt raisins that you didn’t realize were coated in rBGH-laden dairy).

    Step 3: Make a dozen or so little bags—with your little ones helping—and stash them for the week. Done! Quick, easy, and no chemicals. Give yourself a hug!