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    Avoiding Chemical Toxins

    A simple step that a pregnant mother can take during her pregnancy to avoid these hidden toxins and chemicals in her diet is to avoid processed foods, conventional soy and conventional corn ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup which is banned in children’s foods in most developed countries).

    As mothers in other developed countries are advised to “go organic” during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, AllergyKids believes that mothers in the US may want to seek the advise of their medical experts and learn more about this simple proactive step to avoid hidden toxins in our foods in the hopes of protecting the health of our unborn children.

    • Ten years ago, in 1996, scientists introduced chemical toxins into seeds, due to growing concern over the spraying of industrial pesticides.
    • Today, soy, corn, cotton and canola contain these toxins within the seeds themselves
    • 91% of all soy now contains these toxins
    • At least 60% of all corn contains these toxins
    • 75% of processed foods contain unlabeled genetically engineered, chemical toxins that have never been proven safe for a child
    • By law, a product labeled “USDA Organic” is not allowed to contain these chemically and genetically engineered toxins.