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    Ethanol and the Allergy Epidemic

    Today, corn is not only grown for food but also grown to meet biodiesel and ethanol demand. To address this soaring demand, corn has recently been engineered to produce its own insecticidal toxins to achieve greater crop yields. The toxins that are now engineered into corn are designed to cause gut paralysis and death in the insects that consume this corn.

    Given that our own children are also consuming this corn, AllergyKids is concerned with the risks that this presents to the gastrointestinal tracts of developing infants and children.

    In order to avoid this genetically and chemically engineered corn, AllergyKids advises families to try to avoid conventional corn and corn ingredients (i.e. high fructose corn syrup), given that these corn ingredients have been banned in developed countries around the world after previously undisclosed research (Seralini Paper: 2006) showed liver and kidney toxicity in a 90-day animal feeding trial.

    By law, corn products that are labeled “USDA Organic” are not allowed to contain these toxins.