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    How to Help Your Family to Eat Those Little Green Dickens

    Got some little people that loathe brussels sprouts? Me, too. Even my husband can’t stand the site of them. So when I suggested that we roast them on the grill, my entire family looked at me like I was absolutely nuts.

    But after we crafted this recipe (though calling it a recipe is a bit of a stretch since it involves a grill and four ingredients), things changed. Big time. For all of us. Because like the rest of my family, I was a brussels sprout hater, too. Those dead green, boiled balls that I was forced to eat as a kid just held no appeal. But these are different. Sneak them onto a salad if you’re hesitant to expose them in their glory (and get back to us with your success stories, we love to hear them!):


    Ingredients: I bag of brussels sprouts, olive oil, salt

    •Turn on your favorite music
    •Preheat the grill – hot!
    •Wash brussels sprouts, removing any loose leaves, slice them in half and arrange in a single layer on a cooking tray
    •Drizzle sprouts with olive oil and add a dash of salt
    •Place sprout-loaded tray on covered grill for about 10 minutes

    For those wanting to stir it up, add 1/4 cup grated cheese of your choice (depending, of course, on dairy sensitivities or allergies), or paprika pepper, garlic or 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar (and if you’ve got other ideas, we’d love to hear them!)