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    Non-Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream

    This recipe requires the use of an automatic ice cream maker. Be careful when mixing the DariFree™, as it can “explode” easily if mixed in a container with a tight lid.

    16 ounces hot water
    ⅔ heaping cups DariFree™ powder.

    Mix well, then add the following:

    ½ cup sugar
    1 tablespoon Egg Replacer™ dry powder
    1 tablespoon acceptable oil (e.g. olive or safflower)
    ½ teaspoon vanilla extract (use only if making vanilla ice cream)
    Pinch of salt

    Carefully mix hot water and DariFree™ in a blender. Add sugar, Egg Replacer™ dry powder, oil, and vanilla and blend to mix well. Transfer the liquid into a refrigerator container and refrigerate until well chilled. You could also place it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Once the mixture is very cold, pour it in the frozen ice cream canister and begin machine. The ice cream will get to the stage of soft custard and then it is done, which will take about 12-15 minutes depending upon your ice cream maker. Place soft custard in a plastic container and freeze. Remove ice cream about 5 minutes prior to serving so it can soften just a little, but do not leave out too long.

    © 2009 Lisa A. Lundy, author of The Super Allergy Girl™ Allergy & Celiac Cookbook- From A Mother Who Knows™, www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com