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    We are currently battling chronic ear infections

    I am a first time mother of an 8 month old. We are currently battling chronic ear infections and that lead me to researching them, where I found information saying that one POSSIBILITY was a milk allergy. Coincidentally my daughter has also had reflux and that can also be caused by a milk allergy. We are meeting with an ENT/Allergist , but this has spurred alot of researching for me on a personal level. I have The Unhealthy Truth and am currently reading it. I have already watched Food Inc. and I am a concerned eater. We try to buy organic foods and always buy organic dairy, eggs, and meats (including only grass fed beef). I make many of my own cleaning products, etc etc. Just wanting to brief you on the type of family we are…and are trying to be. I live in Dallas and as you know (being a Texan) many people here just do not care about what you speak of. I would be interested in getting involved in an organization or job or anything here that involves these subjects! ~ Adrian in Dallas