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    A 16 Year Old Lends Her Talents to Help Those with Food Allergies

    I am a 16-year-old with anaphylactic food allergies to tree nuts, peanuts and other legumes, sesame, and some fruits. I am excited to announce that I have launched www.EZeatings.org. Chain restaurants provide varying amounts of ingredient information on the web, ranging from no information to full ingredient lists.

    To help food allergic diners with the constant challenge of eating safely, EZeatings has compiled the links to the ingredient information provided online by over 60 major chains nationwide and beyond. EZeatings is an efficient, one-stop destination for food allergic people, friends, and family to learn what chain restaurants have safe options for them. EZeatings can only help people if the food allergy community knows it exists. I am asking you to please help me promote the EZ Network through your Twitter, Facebook, website, and any other channels of communication.

    Thank you very much! Emily Z