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    All we do is read labels now, it is almost fun…

    About 3 years ago, my wife Connie was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was in constant pain. A few doctor visits later, they insisted she be on a regiment of prescription drugs to relieve that pain. Since the drugs carried a hefty amount of side effects she refused and dealt with the discomfort; ultimately she started web searching for alternate treatments. What was found was a basic organic diet consisting of mainly no processed foods. Could it be so easy?? Say it isn’t so! So she asked me if I would be okay with trying this new ‘organic’ diet for a month and I of course agreed wholeheartedly. So about 2 years ago she started our new [basically Mediterranean] diet. Within a few weeks of change her diet her symptoms nearly disappeared! I too have benefited from the healthier diet, basically less aches and pains. To think of all that junk the FDA, our government, has said was “OK” that we have ingested all those years is almost nauseating from many aspects.

    For me the section in The Unhealthy Truth in Chapter 6 about ‘Aspartame’ hit home hard. I inadvertently found out that aspartame had been causing me migraine headaches. I LOVED Diet Pepsi more than you can imagine! I went as far as making the bold statement that even if this drink was bad for you I would continue to drink it (the humanity!) After all aspartame had to be better than saccharin right? (no… not quite.) Needles to say I basically ate those words. We must have spent a proverbial zillion dollars trying to figure out why I had these constant headaches; X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, trips to the ER, injections, blood tests, prescription drugs (some mind altering ones), over the counter anti inflammatory drugs (Motrin, asprin). We even had considered the Mayo clinic. I cannot recall the day when someone recommended to delete diet soda from my diet, but you can imagine what I said then… ‘no Diet Pepsi – no way…’ Within days of halting ingesting the toxic substance – viola, I noticed a large 95% drop off drop of in those nasty migraine headaches. (4% more dropped off when I got new glasses. Now all I have to do is get rid of life related stress and the other 1% should drop off as well.) Also, my chronic heartburn is almost completely gone now – it now only haunts me when we cheat… subsequently the allergies have dropped off too, no drugs needed anymore. I could go on & on but as I said, I didn’t want to repeat all these things you already know, we just wanted to go on record and confirm it. Oh, we even started purchasing organic food for our cat just recently and hope her ‘allergies’ go away as well.

    All we do is read labels now, it is almost fun. As we have been preaching this relatively simple organic revelation to as many people who will listen – I have taken your advice and try to interject this topic into even more conversations now; unfortunately many look at us like snakes are coming out of our ears, but nonetheless those that will listen just may convert their diet as well. We believe it will at least get them thinking about it and maybe researching it on their own.

    I hope people become more enlightened on this simple secret. The more people who demand better foods the better, and more & more organic food options will become available, and hopefully, hopefully, even the price may continue to become more & more reasonable as a result as well.

    Again, thank you for doing all your research and writing on this ever so important topic, it is greatly appreciated. ~Roy, Oak Lawn, IL