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An Inspiring Conversation with the Founder of Partake Foods

July 20, 2020 •  no comments.

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I loved this conversation with Denise Woodard of Partake Foods! And I am so grateful for the incredible women coming into the free-from space, providing solutions for families with children who have food allergies. 

Partake Foods’ Denise Woodard is the only woman of color to raise $1M for a food start-up. During her career with Coca-Cola, food allergies were never top-of-mind for her, but when her daughter, Vivienne, began eating solid foods, it suddenly became clear she had several. And just as suddenly, their lives began to change.

Listen as we dive into what it looks like to be a mom starting a business out of your kitchen (hint, it’s not all sunshine and ease!) and who her MVP is (again, it’s not who you think!).  Necessity is the mother of invention. For Denise Woodard, that necessity resulted in the creation of her allergy-friendly cookie business, Partake Foods, in 2016. Thank goodness, and thank goodness for her talent, passion and ambition. You can learn more at www.partakefoods.com


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