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    Appalled and Inspired

    I am a concerned eater, parent, grandparent, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and to be frank appalled at our Nation’s handling of our food supply!

    I grew up swimming competitively with parents that were concerned with what my brothers’ and I ate. I  have a master’s degree in a health care field. I’m so embarrassed to say that I’ve really just started to understand what terrible things I grew up eating and worse yet, what awful things I gave my four children as they were growing up!

    I really just wrote to say “thank you”. Thank you for what you’re doing! We have started our change in our kitchen and I tell anyone that will listen to me about the horrible food on the grocery store shelves! I’m also praying that when my daughter graduates from law school in May that she will somehow find away to encourage change with her education.

    Yvette V.