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    Asthma Pushed Me Over the Edge

    On April 13th (my daughter’s 6th birthday) I rushed my 2 year old son to the ER for his first asthma attack. A chest x-ray and a nebulizer treatment later we left with a prognosis of RAD.

    One week later we sat in the allergists office receiving a handful of prescriptions to control his asthma. This sucks. I discovered your Ted Talk when collecting materials for the high school mass media class I teach. Your description of your child’s allergic reaction happened to us when Bryce, our two year old, was just one. It scared me.

    Yet, the asthma attack pushed me over the edge. At age one, Bryce was labeled with the following allergies: wheat, milk, shellfish, tree nut, peanut, egg, soy and chicken. At 18 months he was retested and he dropped wheat and milk. At 2 he dropped shellfish and tested positive for dog, cat, trees, grass, ragweed, etc. This past week we retested his food and his chicken and soy went up and his egg and peanut remain off the charts. My 6 year old has no allergies. I get you.


    Jaime M.