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    Cleaning Up the Diet

    I found out about AllergyKids from my mom who saw you on national television a few months ago. I live in Houston, am a non-practicing CPA, & stay at home mom.

    My knowledge of food began when my children experienced health problems. I used to eat lots of McDonalds and processed food, and now I am the exact opposite of that!

    My first child, Alexandra, is 6 years old, and I learned that at 2 months of age, she experienced reflux when I breastfed after I had consumed milk! That’s when I first started realizng there was a connection between what you ate and what happened in your body. Unfortunately, she was on Prevacid (it interferes with calcium absorption & could cause bone fractures) for 4 years. During that time, she was very tired all the time. She is now Prevacid free, reflux free, and full of energy!

    My second child, Dane, is barely 4 years old, and he is the reason why we now eat mostly organic & non-processed food. Plus, we use biodegradeable cleaners & detergent, and he takes supplements from the #1 natural nutritional company to boost his immune system.

    Here is a brief summary of Dane’s illnesses:

    Age 6 months to 15 months: 6 months of antibiotics due to ear infections; surgery for tubes; hand foot mouth disease twice; strep throat twice; RSV; and a “major virus” that caused him to be anemic. At one point he ran 102 to 104 degree fever for 7 days, and that’s when he was diagnosed as anemic. Got to cut in line in front of all the other sick kids at Texas Children’s Hospital to have my son’s blood checked by a hematologist. Received results in only 3 hours & that he was just battling a bad virus.

    Age 3 years : 2 ear infections after tubes came out; $800 spent on doctors (pediatrician, allergist, & ENT), medications (antibiotics, steriods, & allergy medication), plus medical tests.

    Finally decided enough was enough when the allergist who also specializes in asthma said that my son might have asthma. The allergist also wanted to remove his adenoids.

    Instead I cleaned up my son’s diet & environment (nontoxic cleaners, etc), removed artificial coloring, & added the best supplements on the market.

    1 year later my son has only been to the doctor once for a rash!! And besides his outside allergies (confirmed by allergy testing), we’ve discovered he is allergic to red dye. It makes his cheeks red and the skin around his mouth red.

    Thank you for providing such great resources for parents!


    Ashley L.
    Houston, Texas