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    Could Embarrassing Acne Be Caused By Food Allergies?

    My daughter (now almost 17 years old) suffered for several years with severe acne (very inflamed, painful cystic acne covering most of her face). After trying everything we could think of, we finally took her to a dermatologist. Fortunately this dermatologist took a holistic approach that included an anti-inflammatory diet as part of treatment. One of the aspects of the diet was the elimination of wheat. My daughter noticed that she was losing a lot of water during the first 3 days on the diet (taken from Dr. Perricon’s book, “The Acne Cure”). Her appearance changed fairly dramatically from the loss of all the water we didn’t realize she was retaining.

    During our next dermatology appointment, I told the Dr. about how my daughter responded to the diet, which made the Dr. strongly suspect food allergies. My daughter was tested and found to be allergic to wheat, eggs, dairy, and cane sugar. It was when she eliminated all of her allergy foods that her acne really “turned a corner” and began to truly heal. My daughter also noticed better mental sharpness and digestive health in addition to relief from severe acne. I never would have guessed that food allergies could such a major role in acne. I’ve often wondered how many people are suffering from this painful and embarrassing condition because of undiagnosed food allergies.

    ~Jill B.