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    “Eat Like Grandma Did!”

    Wow, my story is long but in a nutshell my son was having trouble sitting still in Kindergarten. I decided to start looking at what I was feeding him and my main victim was CHEETOS!

    I removed them from his diet on a Friday and on Monday the teacher called to see what medicine I had put him on. It started my quest to research the foods we eat and I found your book. I now share it with everyone I know that has issues etc.

    It’s amazing what’s in our food supply. And to top it off, I grew up on a Farm where Monsanto controlled the seed. I verified all your fndings with my Dad and he has known farmers where Monsanto has come ater them for keeping seed or doing something they don’t like.

    The midwest is a Monsanto controlled world. I love your book and I wish I could go out and speak to the world with the knowledge you have. I’ve done my own research and I still refer back to items in your book.

    Our house is a totally CLEAN “eat like grandma did”! Thank you!!!

    ~Angela T., Texas