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    Extending the Message Together

    An old friend came to visit from college that I had not seen in over 15 years. He brought an array of insight to his visit most of all bringing me relevance to your mission and experience as a mother.
    I was so touched and freaked out at the same time in making realizations to my everyday life having an eight year old in elementary school and a 10 month old entering our scary society of storms and illnesses.
    Up until watching your video; I would get so annoyed at the school for having kids without allergies singled out if the parents of such packed say a peanut sandwich or other common food allergy item and in effect our kids having to sit alone to eat them cause the kids next to them can potentially break out. I thought it was so ridiculous till I saw the big picture you presented.
    Since then, roughly three weeks ago I have shared your story with many other parents. As a parent and a Property Manager for a very large Property management company, I have reach to over 10,000 families. I would like to continue to extend your message together.