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    Food and Chemicals

    Hi! I am a mother of a child with ADHD and the more I read, the more I am convinced that his ADHD is related to food and chemicals. I just recently resigned from working full time in order to dedicate myself to revamping his diet and getting answers. I would like to find a way to help bring these issues to the forefront in the United States. Is there a parent -lobby group working to have dyes and preservative removed from our food supply in the U.S.? Please let me know, as I feel very strongly about putting my support behind such an effort.

    I was first tipped off that food and chemicals were an issue when my son ate a jumbo candy cane one year on Christmas and literally went beserk. It was the scariest thing I ever witnessed. It was made entirely of red dye and high fructose corn syrup. Since that time, I have removed red dye from his diet and we recently learned that he has an intolerance to casein.

    Thank you for writing your book and bringing these issues to light. Please let me know other ways I can get involved to make a difference on this important issue.


    Fern M.