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    “I hope I can figure out more ways to give back….!”

    This is just a quick note. I just started reading The Unhealthy Truth and I am completely in dismay about the state of our food system in this country. I am sending a copy of your book to a friend of mine who has had many of the symptoms you describe as “food sensitivities”. He has asthma and dairy allergies, so switched to soy several years ago. In the past five years he has been going to all types of doctors to figure out a sickness he seemed to develop – fatique, gas, bloating, muscle aches, etc. I am now suspecting that “food” maybe the problem and this is a very depressing realization. Long story short, I am also a proponent of feeding children whole, natural foods which I promote through my products, New Jammies. My intention was to attack childhood obesity, but now I see that it is also essential in combating childhood allergies as well. I could go on and on about stories from friends whose children have had all types of allergies. They are frustrated and scared on a daily basis, when they should be enjoying the miracle and beauty of raising their newborns. I plan on sharing your information with them as well. Anyway, thank you for sheding light on the realities of our food system. I regret to say that I was contributing to agriculture chemistry for a few years after college and my collegues were jealous of Monsanto’s GMO “success”, when we should have been horrified. I hope that as I grow my small company I can figure out more ways to give back and reverse the damage we’ve done to our food system, our children, and our society.

    Thank you.

    New Jammies Founder