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“I thought, ‘What about the dyes in foods?'”

About a year ago my husband, while working on his masters, read about ADD/ADHD and the signs of it, and asked me to read it because he thought our daughter Elizabeth had it. I told him there was no way she had it, but I read the symptoms and she fit everyone of them on the higher scale. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that I had missed it all these years.

We eat dinner and she never sits with us. She runs through the house burning off energy, does jumping jacks by the hundreds in the kitchen while we eat. She would run over and grab a bite to eat and then take off again running. I just thought she was a kid.

I immediately started reading every book, magazine article, and website I could find. I needed information and I needed all of it. I started with tips and hints, ways to improve her attention span. I tried everything I could think of.

I thought, what about the dyes? What if I took all dye out of her system. So I went through the house and removed all food products that contained dye.
About three days later my husband asked me what I had done. She was a totally different child. She would sit through an entire meal with us. She could sit for a book at night when before she would play while we would read to her. She even started being able to read paragraphs to us, where before we were lucky to get her to read a sentence because her attention span was so poor. My friends were shocked by the immediate change in her. They all commented without knowing that I had made any change at all.

It is our miracle.

Thank you,
Traci M.