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    “I would like to help…”

    I am a 52 year old wife of 25 years and mother of 4. Our children range in age from 13-22. I am a graduate of Duke and Northwestern School of Law and I worked as a corporate lawyer until 4 years ago. A combination of a traveling husband, 3 freshman (2 college, 1 hs), a daughter diagnosed with arthritis (possibly an allergic reaction??) and a daughter with a newly identified learning disability sidelined me from the paid work force. I have also had some personal health issues which culminated in open heart surgery this past December. I believe very strongly that trusting doctors recommendations about drugs and what to eat has been a huge contributor to my health issues. Anyway, all is well at present and I am ready to get back to work. Your work is right at the very heart of what I am passionate about. I would like to help.

    Way too late in the game, probably about 2 years ago, I read Gary Taubes’ book and began to realize that I had been feeding myself and my family all of the wrong foods. When I picked up a magazine, I began to see that pharmaceutical companies and food manufactures provided the bulk of the advertisements and I was totally disgusted. My eyes began to open. I started reading blogs like Kimberly’s, WAPS, Dr. Eades, Mark Sisson and others and began to formulate a view of the food chain in this country completely at odds with main stream media. Like you, I don’t particularly see myself as a radical. However, my increasing knowledge and total disgust with the way that our Federal government has poisoned the food supply has turned me into one.

    In our current culture of everything “green” being politically correct, repairing the food chain and making clean food readily available should be an easy sell. But, the truth is not going to be profitable for the people currently making all of the rules and controlling the conversation. Animals suffering in CAFOs pollute the air, land and water. GMOs, and the pesticides used on them, poison our Earth and our people. Health care costs are bankrupting private businesses and all levels of government. And still, it is so hard to get the message out. People are resistant. It is impossible to go back to just buying groceries at the store once you begin down this path. The time and money spent hunting and gathering food in an effort to avoid the toxins increases exponentially. I understand. Like you, for years I bought conventional produce and CAFO raised meat because of the tremendous difference in price. And now, unlabeled, GMO fish? Will we just have to stop eating ! salmon altogether? Ugh!

    So, long story, long, I am thrilled to have discovered you and your work and i would like to help. I will take a better look through your site and I look forward to reading your book. I plan to be part of the solution and would love to do that by helping you. Please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of my involvement. Keep up the great work!

    ~Ann in California