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    Inspired by Conviction

    As a mom of 3 kids with multiple food allergies and as a concerned consumer, I was so grateful to see/hear someone who really seemed to “get it” and who was actually doing something about it.

    I was so inspired by your conviction that I decided to move forward with an idea that I had been otherwise lacking the motivation and courage to bring to fruition. With a good friend, I started a business making treats that are free from all of the top allergens and artificial, processed ingredients. Our goal is to have tasty, fun foods that everyone can eat TOGETHER. I feel like I owe you a huge thank you for giving me the inspiration I needed. My intentions of writing to you is with no other agenda than to just say, thank you for what you are doing!!

    You can read a little more about my story on my website www.betterbitesbakery.com

    Chrystal S.
    Austin, Texas