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    “My husband is a farmer and he plants about 80% GM corn and soybeans”

    I am a 35 year old mother of four and cancer survivor. I have Stage 4 Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer. My recurrence happened in September of last year and I started our nutrition journey. I decided to pursue the nutrition because of my cancer when they told me I had 1-4 years to live. I changed to 85% raw in December and began making changes in my children and husbands’ food in January. I was very impressed with what you have uncovered about Monsanto and all the allergy information. I appreciate your suggestions for the kids meals and snacks. They seem to be bored with what I have been feeding them the last few months. I am very passionate about changing the way our children and we eat since I started reading since November. I shoot for about the 80/20 with my kids, I eat about 85% raw eating only fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and brown rice pasta.

    I am trying to do anything possible to prolong my life and trying to beat this cancer even though they say I can’t. I will recommend your work to everyone I know and will also give a review of it on my cancer blog. We have started a group in our small town in Nebraska and we are all ordering every month from an organic farm and are trying to educated everyone we can. I am also trying to educate my children on all of this so they know how to make good choices when I’m not here for them anymore. One frustration I have is that my husband is a farmer and he plants about 80% GM corn and soybeans. Granted I am very careful and do not buy anything that is GM but still the conflict of interest is still there. I do not need my story kept confidential, I share it with anyone who will listen hoping that others will begin making changes in their families’ nutrition.

    Thanks for listening and I really appreciate your work,

    Sincerely, Heather G.