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    “My son has a life threatening allergy to food dyes and preservatives”

    My son has anaphlaxis to food dyes and preservatives. I have had a similar experience with a national food allergy non-profit based in DC who during a phone call refused to list food additives as a cause of anaphylaxis because they “only deal with food.” To which I responded if it all goes in your mouth, what is the difference?

    After finding journal articles documenting anaphylaxis to dyes/ and preservatives-not just hyperactivity, but life threatening reactions- I contacted other groups about going to Washington to lobby Congress based on the additives causing anaphylaxis as sadly, hyperactivity has not done the trick of motivating Congress to pass tougher laws. They were not responsive on this issue. I then wrote the White House Healthy Kids staff, but received no response.

    You’d think the possibility of dyes/preservatives causing anaphylaxis would get lawmakers hopping. I’d at least like to get hearings on the safety of additives vis a vis the anaphylaxis issue. I’d like to get that information out in the public forum; dyes/preservatives not only make kids hyper, but they can kill.

    Would also like to try to change the Proprietary Food laws that make it so difficult to get disclosure from food companies on certain types of food ingredients. I’ve actually had to get a doctor’s note to get some companies to disclose.

    So, I started a blog called The Whole Truth that exposes how lawmakers and food companies have covered up the real perils of dyes/preservatives.

    I just want to get the info out there for the public.

    ~Missi N.