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    “No one else will fight for them like us!”

    You wrote my book! I am halfway through “The Unhealthy Truth” and I swear I had been writing this book in my head for years.

    I am also a former business student and CPA turned stay at home mom of two. And my story reads the same as yours. My son was nearly kicked out of preschool at 3 due to behavior issues and an inability to sit still, and he had terrible asthma that sent us to the ER countless times. We were up every night with chronic coughing and he had speech delay and frequent tantrums to boot. I did loads of research because I did not like the drugs they wanted to put my son on for the asthma. After simply cutting out artificial colors, his asthma completely disappeared, and he started sleeping great. His behavior also improved and so did his speech eliminating the need for speech therapy. Eliminating corn and corn syrup was the final step for him to complete health and happiness. He is now a wonderful eight year old boy, who loves football and does great in school.

    When my daughter was born she had colic and what would have been diagnosed as “reflux” had I not learned enough to cut dairy out of her diet. Thankfully, I did enough research to avoid soy formula as well. I like to say from that day on I don’t think she ever cried again.

    We now eat as organically as possible and avoid harsh cleaning products and flu shots to stay on the path to wellness. As a result, I have two happy and healthy children and feel thankful that I avoided putting them on unnecessary prescription drugs and that they have not been diagnosed with ADHD, asthma, reflux or worse. I think all parents should read this book and get on the path to healing our children. No one else will fight for them like us! Thanks!

    ~Kristen S.