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    Are Our Children Engineered to Withstand Antibiotics & Growth Hormones?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    I just borrowed The Unhealthy Truth from my library two days ago, and I haven’t book the book down! This book has changed my life. I’ve always been a healthy eater and I’ve been very conscious about what I feed my son, my husband and myself, but this book has opened my eyes much wider

    I always thought my son was lactose intolerant, I have bought him lactose-free milk for the past two out of four years of his life. His first year of drinking milk we always gave him Organic, then when he turned two we began giving him regular milk (Why? I have no idea!! As if now he was 2, and he could withstand hormones and antibiotics? I don’t know my reasoning!)

    Well, he began having diarrhea immediately after he had the smallest sip of regular milk, I thought he had developed a lactose intolerance and began buying him lactose-free milk instead of going back to Organic. I can’t tell you my thought process, or explain why, but it is ridiculous!

    My family is going back to Organic and I’m sure my son will be feeling much better. You book is so empowering.

    Thank you so much from the campaign for healthy and antibiotic/pesticide/hormone free food!!!

    ~Jade D.N.