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    Taking a Protective Approach After Reading “The Unhealthy Truth”

    Hi, My name is Rebecca and I have two boys one is 41/2 and the other is 18 months. Both of my children have severe allergies and we are now getting them both tested for asthma. Your book was recommended to me by my nutritionist and I have to tell you THANK YOU!!. I have become very frustrated with the world around me and at the same time you have given me a lot of hope that I can somehow help my children get better. My oldest has been sick off and on nothing to serious until just a few months ago he go HSP. It’s an auto immune disorder/disease that can happen from vaccinations. It took him 8 weeks to recover from the HSP. But even after that he hasn’t been the same. His attitude has been very difficult to deal with. My youngest, well, he is very special. Since he has been born we have been dealing with moderate to severe eczema and allergies. I always trusted my doctors and what they told me to do. We have followed instructions to the “T” He has not gotten any better. His last appointment put me over the top, my son is allergic to Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Garlic, Dust Mites, Dogs and Cats. It seems like he is growing into more allergies the older he gets instead of out of them. So I have taken a much more proactive approach. I took my son to another allergist and got a nutritionist for both of the boys. My youngest has always had special food but my oldest, he eats what my husband and I eat. We don’t always eat healthy. Your book made me realize that I need to have healthy eating habits for all of us.

    – Rebecca W.