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    There’s so much to do! Thank you for giving us this amazing powerful tool…

    As a mom of two boys and an early childhood professional, your book has given me goose bumps and brought me to tears more than once. I have been pacing the room, ranting, crying and preaching since reading the Unhealthy Truth (straight through in one day) and now re-reading it so that I can be more articulate in my discussions on this topic.

    I am an early childhood professional (early interventionist, special ed. preschool teacher and director of child care programs) and the facts presented so clearly in this important book ring true and bring such light/exposure/validation about what I have witnessed first hand in my profession. As someone who has worked with hundreds of young children for over 20 years and has experience the shocking number of young children with asthma, allergies, autism, ear-infections (and other various respiratory/breathing problems) I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the work Robyn has done.

    As the director of child care services, I am also in charge of the menu planning. I am overwhelmed at where to start, but I am doing what I can to mobilize child care providers across the state of NY to switch to hormone free milk for the hundreds and thousands of children we feed in our care each day.

    My own boys are in public school and I have also begun a discussion with the administration about food choices since a few of us moms noticed last year that the ONLY yogurt choice the children had at school was TRIX Yogurt (blue in color ). A year long discussion has only resulted in getting the yogurt removed from our schools but has not yet resulted in a healthy appealing alternative.

    There’s so much to do! Thank you for giving us this amazing powerful tool to boost our momentum and give our concerns a depth of intelligence, TRUTH and passion we will need to make progress. Your well worn, ear-marked book is always with me – either tucked under my arm or in my shoulder bag. I am doing what I can with hope.

    ~Carol G., New York