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    To Live In Fear…with Hope

    Recently my youngest son (3) was diagnosed with a multitude of food allergies. Most of which would cause terrible pain for him. I spend many night wishing I could help him.

    When we recieved the DX I was overwhemed and tried everything I could possibly think of to avoid all of these allergens. I didn’t know what to cook/eat.

    After doing the research and coming across Robyn O’Brien’s video on youtube, I realized it was not only my son who suffered. My oldest has ADD and asthma, my second son is suspected to have a high-functioning autism spectrum.

    These are not easy to deal with, I seem to always get the stares at the grocery store because of either sons actions or the eczema that is constantly covering my sons face. I have since started driving 45 miles just to get the whole foods he needs. I’m still at a lost for what I can feed him.

    It is horrible to live in fear of even taking your child outside of the house into any normal part of society. I’m worried about what this may do to him emotionally as well. So I am quite grateful that someone has stood up for all of us to make this issue known and to provoke a change in the way we feed our nation. So Thank you!!!

    ~Sarah C.