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    “We are excited to share this news with others and to be part of the solution”

    I thought I was feeding my children healthy food until I read The Unhealthy Truth, then I felt sick at heart to realized how wrong I was.

    We eat organic whenever possible but I had no idea how the splurges on cheetos and McDonalds were affecting my children. My son is severly affected by ADHD and allergies and has been off of sugar and other known allergens for years and yet I have been unknowingly feeding him GMO potatoes and vitamins, corn and other staples. We have treated his ADHD with some success without any medications other than nutritional suppliments. Now I’m looking at my shelf of suppliments reading…Vitamin D in soy oil, vitamin E in soy oil, etc….. No wonder he still struggles with allergies and some with attention issues.

    I went to the grocery store and shopped the perimeters as usual and struggled to find any safe food to buy. I was thrilled to find brave companies like Odwalla who’s label read “Made without GMO sources!” I’ve been calling the companies I buy suppliments and other food stuffs from and letting them know I’m voting with my pocket book to no longer buy anything unless the company can positively tell me their ingredients are not from GMO sources.

    Since we threw out the potatos and other foods, my daughter’s stomach aches have settled down, I’m sleeping better at night. My other daughters joints are no longer aching.

    We are excited to share this news with others and to be part of the solution . Thank you for your brave work and for all you and your team have done for us.

    ~Angela P.