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    “What the smoking gun is….”

    Our 2 year old made us a believer. After falling off the charts in weight, vomiting after every meal, chronic diarrhea, and sleepless nights for 2 years, our son’s “reflux disease” was treated with up to 12 doses of medication a day. His muscles turned into tight little nots, his held his food down long enough to avoid more meals, and his food intolerance list because increasingly larger. After some research we took it up OURSELVES to rid our house of the foods that were making him sick. The more processed, the more sick he was. We switched to 100% organic, made every meal from scratch, and greened our household environment. WOW, what a miracle, our son now asks to hugs and kisses (was so angry before), eats like a horse and doesn’t vomit, and sleeps for hours!!! Was it a food allergy that caused his “disease”?, was it the food? We are not sure what our smoking gun is, but know that our son is gaining a ton of healthy weight! He has cheeks now! It is so wonderful to see your child eat, and have the food nourish his body as it’s supposed to, as opposed to making him so sick, and in a sense die a slow death.

    Thank you for your dedication to what our son has shown us we all need to do for our health.