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    When Cancer Becomes the Catalyst for Change

    I am a mother of a daughter who has been fighting cancer for three years now. Even as I type this I can’t believe I have been inspired into the change in my family’s food habits.

    I was brought up in a military family, raised on Kool-Aid, hot dogs, and an ample amount of time outdoor play. Fresh out of high school, I was married and quickly became a family of five.

    A very young mother, I believed any packaged food with pictures of babies and farms were safer than what I could possibly cook from scratch. Oh, if I could know then what I know now! A friend had lent me The Unhealthy Truth when I started questioning why my children were never fully healthy. I must admit, I had no free time to read, even though it was my favorite past time.

    I started to read your book during a trip to the local playground, and I still can’t remember how we drove home that day, I don’t think I put your book down! The facts about what was happening to our food supply made me sick to my stomach. Could this be why my children were dealing with dyslexia, chronic constipation, and with our then 3 year old daughter, cancer?

    When you mentioned that Japan was studying our children, and the effects of food has placed on their health, I think of every single children stricken with cancer we have met on this journey, and it makes me angry. It is my intention to turn that frustration to action.

    What I really want to say to you is that your book, your website, your videos, every Facebook posting, has motivated me to action. In fact, a friend and I have recently started a small book club of five moms eager to find sometime for ourselves.

    Our goal is to read your book and spread the word out in our community of moms that the food industry must be responsible for what they put in our foods. Like a said, we are a small group, but I’ve learned in this world of pediatric cancer, even the smallest of small are mighty!

    Thank you, for writing a book that every mother, know matter what walk of life, or level of education, could understand. Thank you for writing from a place of good intention and mutual love of our children in this country.

    Respectfully, Monica A.
    Los Angeles, California