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    Achtung, Baby!

    April 5, 2010 •  one comment.

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    Skin is our largest organ. And just as we wouldn’t slather our livers with chemicals or smooth petroleum based lotions on our lungs, it is in our best interest to try to avoid doing the same thing with our skin.

    Thankfully, in an effort to inspire change and protect the health of our loved ones, we can now take a moment to learn from the knock-out picture below.

    And while we obviously can’t change everything, we can change one thing. So take a Baby Step, choose one of your everyday products or your child’s eczema cream and learn more about it. Then the next time you are in the pharmacy or at the makeup counter, ask about alternatives. You matter. Your skin matters. Chemicals matter.

    And if you can keep some of these chemicals off of your largest organ, your skin, then that’s smart living. Which, thankfully, is what we are all about.

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      1. Some of these chemicals are suspected endocrine disruptors. For info on parabens and other chemicals in consumer products see my post on a Danish report on endocrine disruptors at http://amidthemaddingcrowd.wordpress.com/2010/03/19/danish-epa-endocrine-disruptors/

        You can find more info on endocrine disruptors in a number of posts at http://amidthemaddingcrowd.wordpress.com/category/endocrine-disruptors/.

        Also, be sure to check out The Endocrine Disruption eXchange (TEDX) at http://www.endocrinedisruption.com for info on the prenatal origins of cancer and other diseases.

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