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    AllergyKids’ Foundation’s Chief Inspiration Officer Resigns

    August 15, 2010 •  7 comments.

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    PRESS RELEASE: Boulder, Colorado – Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    The AllergyKids’ Foundation’s Chief Inspiration Officer tendered her resignation today. Apparently, she plans to start kindergarten tomorrow.

    Having served as the inspiration behind a movement to protect the 1 in 3 American children with allergies, ADHD, asthma and autism, Victoria O’Brien (also known as “Tory”) now plans to enroll in public elementary school to support the efforts of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and those of Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper, particularly focusing on Ann’s new Salad Bar Project.

    When asked what prompted her resignation, Ms. O’Brien said, “I am five, a big kid now, and I like salad.”

    Ms. O’Brien has acted in several capacities for AllergyKids since its launch on Mothers’ Day 2006, serving as the Director of “Mom-Get-A-Clue,” Manager of Fake Food Research and most recently, given her promotion, as Chief Inspiration Officer.

    With tireless dedication and a heart full of love, Ms. O’Brien has attended countless meetings with the organization’s founder, waited patiently on playgrounds while columns and books were written, and illustrated innumerable pictures of peace signs, hearts and flowers while phone calls were made and interviews held.

    Her steady presence will be greatly missed, and the AllergyKids’ Foundation wishes her continued success in her upcoming endeavors which will include monkey bars, arithmetic and telling her classmates what’s in their food.

    To learn more about our team at the AllergyKids Foundation and how you and your family can be part of our mission to protect our children, please click here.

      7 Responses to “AllergyKids’ Foundation’s Chief Inspiration Officer Resigns”

      1. Aunt Donna

        Awesome press release! Very cute!

        XXX & 000

      2. Chookie

        While the loss of Victoria O’Brien will leave a gaping hole in the Allergykids network, I am of the understanding that she will function in a contract capacity as a stringently honest taste tester of new recipes published by Allerykids. Her continuing presence will ensure that Allergykids moves forward to the greater horizons that Ms O’Brien herself is attaining. I, for one, am grateful that she will continue to grace us with her loving, happy personality.

      3. How very sad for the foundation, which will need to struggle on through school hours, perhaps(?) without the same feeling of maternal guilt that ran through this MADGE home while we had an Inspiration officer.

      4. This could not be any sweeter! Good luck Tory! Go get ’em!


      5. Aunt Doreen

        So nice to retire young! On to Kindergarten!! YAH!! Good Luck Tory,
        Love,A. Doreen

      6. Aunt Di

        Hey Tory,

        You have been a major inspiration to so many people. I guess it’s ok to resign, especially since you are continuing on in the education system (reforming the type of lunches served) Good luck in your new adventure. I’m sure Jamie Oliver is glad to have you on his side.

        Have fun in school.

        Aunt Di

      7. Grammy

        A TORY STORY

        She was little and happy
        but “trauma” she had
        Sometimes “good” comes from
        something “real bad.”

        Family rallied ’round
        “Solve this we must!”
        The effort robust!

        A business was born
        Which led to a Foundation
        The book was written
        Read by many in the nation!

        Five years have now passed
        “Poster Child Succeeds”
        Her retirement gives way
        To her academic needs.

        School now awaits
        Her teachers are blessed
        Good Luck dear Miss Tory
        C.I.O. will be missed!

        Love … Grammy

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