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    Be the Change

    December 18, 2009 •  2 comments.

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    When we look at the world
    Do we like what we see?
    Do we think about others
    Or think about “me”?

    Do we take without giving
    And consume what we must,
    Ever heeding the motto:
    “In consumption we trust”?

    If we stopped for a moment
    And thought about ‘how’
    We could make our world better
    Beginning with ‘now’.

    We might realize we share
    So much more than divides us:
    Letting hope, faith and love
    Be the gifts that inspire us.

      2 Responses to “Be the Change”

      1. Thanks for your blog! I’m concerned about what schools are using to disinfect for H1N1. Cleaning supplies are often more hazardous than the H1N1virus itself and can be terrible for children with allergies. Here are some resources to help parents and teachers determine what their schools are using, and what they should be using: H1N1 in Schools and Environmental Working Group Report on Schools It all starts with asking your school how often they clean it (EVERY DAY should be the answer!).

      2. Seleyn DeYarus

        Love this poem. So wise and true. Pausing in our hectic fervor and asking who and what do we hold most dear? Living life from the connection to what is dear – now that sounds like the path to wisdom. Thank you for sharing!

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