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    US Version of Kraft Mac and Cheese versus UK Version

    May 3, 2011 •  23 comments.

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    Written by Robyn O’Brien

    As we are quickly learning, other countries have chosen not to allow things like artificial growth hormones, food dyes derived from petrochemicals and genetically engineered ingredients into their food supplies – particularly in the foods fed to children.

    And in response to this demand, especially the European Union’s labeling regulations on genetically modified food, many American food manufacturers now create two versions of their product, one for the US and a “cleaner” version for the moms, dads and kids in the 27 countries in Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the U.K.

    So how different could those two versions be, you ask? After all, “food is food”, right?

    Well, let’s take a look at one of our staples, macaroni and cheese:

    U.S. Version of Kraft Mac & Cheese:


    U.K. Version of Kraft Mac & Cheese:

    Macaroni (Durum Wheat Semolina), Cheese (10%), Whey Powder (from milk), Lactose, Salt, Emulsifying Salts (E339, E341), Colours (Paprika Extract, Beta-Carotene)

    Given that Kraft’s latest ad campaign invites us to “Bring Back the Fun”, while we’re at it, how about they bring back products that don’t contain ingredients that have been shown to cause things like hyperactivity, cancer and allergies? You know, products like their UK version of mac and cheese that don’t contain the artificial dyes like the ones seen on these kids’ tongues?

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

      23 Responses to “US Version of Kraft Mac and Cheese versus UK Version”

      1. Lori Smith

        Does the EU have the same labeling requirements when it comes to how things are made? The 10% cheese on the EU label makes me wonder what is in that cheese? Same with the pasta, is the US pasta fortified, but the EU is not?

      2. Amazing. In a bad way.

      3. Teresa

        Wow, UK appears to have no corn. I good eat it!

      4. Janice

        It would be nice if you would highlight what the “bad” stuff is in the US version. To the untrained eye, it looks like the US version is vitamin fortified, so US moms would assume it was “better” than the UK version.


          Janice, It’s not the boxes job or this websites job to educate you, it’s yours!

        • Jane

          I agree. That would be helpful and informative. I disagree with the other poster and enjoy learning from articles like this. I believe the people who write them do intend to educate, so clarity is important.

      5. @Lori – in the EU all ingredients have to be listed as fortified if they are fortified. It will be 10% cheese but as to the quality of the cheese, that’s a different question. There will be a legal definition for it though.

        We are lucky in a lot of ways food-wise in the UK, as generally our food and labelling requirements are a lot stricter from what I understand of reading about US foods. However, we have other nutrition politics issues to contend with that you don’t, so it cuts both ways.

      6. Rebecca

        Seriously this is infuriating – big companies throw in all sorts of harmful ingredients, make their money and walk away. How can they not care about the health of the people? Why don’t we demand that they do?

      7. Rebecca

        @Janice – my theory regarding labels and food in the US, is the less ingredients the better, the more I can pronounce and have heard of even better!

      8. Trish

        Maybe some ingredients are not included in the UK ingredient list due to labeling laws as someone has mentioned above. But they used beta carotene and paprika for coloring instead of cancer causing yellow dye

      9. Amy

        “Durum Wheat Semolina” SHOULD be the whole grain ground so it does not need to be enriched like the American version. More research would have to be done to confirm this.

      10. Tell Kraft to clean up their act! Sign the petition telling them to stop using artificial food dyes! http://www.change.org/petitions/hey-kraft-get-rid-of-risky-artificial-dyes-3

        • AllergyKids

          Thanks so much for including this link!

      11. Kraft hater

        Stop buying any products which contain cancer ingredients such as Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Red 40 etc. Also lotions with DMDM etc.
        cosmetic database

        These companies obviously want your children to die.

      12. Chemtrail Hater

        It’s bad enough we are being sprayed with chemtrails and cannot stop it.
        Thanks world health organization and NASA for killing us with accumulative aerosol poisons such as TMA – trimethyaluminum. FACT.
        What do you expect us to do? Kill ourselves before you do ?
        Thanks NASA ! We love you and your research programs.

      13. Ross Wilbur

        The US requires that the grains be fortified with things like Niacin (a naturally occurring vitamin) so our children do not have a deficiency by eating grains in which the human body is not designed to process. Actually, the US has much stricter guidelines than in the UK for safe food. Remember, the UK doesn’t even have fluoride in their water, hence their nasty teeth problems. This article was written by a charlatan not someone of science or of trustworthy standing. Remember, the UK was the country where mad cow disease and many other plagues came into existence due to their lack of scientific understanding of nutrition. I’m not saying the US is stellar, but come on please don’t believe this rubbish about UK having better health guidelines, let’s get real.

        • Charlie

          You must work for monsanto1

        • Lonnie

          Ross: the only reason Europe winds up with things like mad cow disease, is because they do NOT pump their animals full of steroids and antibiotics and other harmful chemicals just to make them bigger at a faster rate so they can slaughter them quicker and make even more money on the larger portioned animals. Before you run your mouth, learn what you are talking about. Their guidelines are quite different from ours. They do not allow any GMO feed near their livestock, they do not allow GMO grain in their food supply, they do not eat artificially grown animals, they do not spray the worst of the worst pesticides on their produce, and then plant a GMO crop that can withstand the higher percentage of pesticides the next year, making the soil sterile and their grown food taste like cardboard. Their lives are overall much healthier than our lives in the US. I may be an American, but I don’t have my head shoved so far up my own butt that I don’t realize that our food source is total poison, and it is the direct reason Americans are suffering from all of the health issues we suffer from.

      14. Hanan

        Ross, I can not believe that you think that fluoride in water helps our teeth. Fluoride is nothing more than a toxin, that is used to slowly poison the masses. Please do your homework and wake up!!

        As to grains being fortified and even bromated (another toxin) this is totally unnecessary if the integrity of the whole grain has not been so mutilated.

        One more thing to consider is that the cows in the UK have not been fed Genetically Modified (GM) grains. This mean that the US version has cheese that has GM ingredients which causes leaky gut syndrome in our children. We also need to go after Monsanto and his wicked plot to alter the very planet we live in. I believe that if 10% of consumers would boycott buying these brands, US manufacturers would be forced to listen to the consumer.

        • Sophie

          Fluorine is used for more than that, if not for fluorine developed countries would be struggling with water born diseases like cholera. Please do your homework.

      15. kim

        I have been doing more and more research and watching as many FOOD documentaries as possible…..as I am not 100% vegetarian yet….I am headed that way..after watching what the government has allowed into our food its absolutely nuts…no wonder so many children have allergies, and other ailments that could be treated with proper diet. I believe we should have the choice in the version that we feed our children and I for one will never make another blue box again…as a matter of fact when I went thru my pantry to discard stuff with chemicals or gmo’s in them I did not even want to donate it, hubby had to convince me it was better to give to the poor than toss it away…but my thinking was is it really better to eat food that makes you sick….. if you have a gaiming system in your house and wifi get a free month of Netflix and just watch those documentaries and see what they have done to our food supply…..IT IS A SHAME……

      16. Alyssa

        Typically, when reading food labels, the rule is if you can’t pronounce the ingredient or there are a ridiculous amount of them, the food is not good for you. The UK has very strict policies about labeling that we are only just now starting to adopt in the US. I have been traveling to the UK for the past 23 years, nearly every year, so I can tell you, from personal experience, the food there is much more natural. The fact that Kraft produces this in the UK but doesn’t see the need to produce the same version in the US shows that US consumers don’t care enough about their health. If they can get away with selling us a version that is cheaper to make, why shouldn’t they? WE, as the consumer have to educate ourselves about what is “approved” for us to eat, because, let me tell you, you would be shocked if you did even the tiniest bit of research.

      17. bob

        Petroleum based yellow food dyes are cheaper than Paprika Extract and Beta-Carotene. And closer to plastic.

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