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    Buying Farm Votes: Have Corn Subsidies Cost Us Our Health and Economic Stability?

    October 1, 2007 •  one comment.

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    It is now estimated that farmers across the midwest receive approximately $8-10 billion a year in federal corn subsidies. Not only does this insure a prolific corn crop to meet the growing demand for ethanol, but it also appears to insure political loyalty, as it provides an economic boon to farmers across the heartland.

    But at what cost?

    According to the Wall Street Journal, “American families, which spend 9.9% of disposable income on food, are facing the fastest-rising food prices in 17 years.”

    Rising prices for this year alone that can be attributed to the increase in the cost of corn include:

    • 40% increase in the price of corn

    • 75% increase in the price of soy

    • 70% increase in the price of wheat

    • 15% increase in the price of 3-pound chickens

    • 26% increase in the price of a gallon of milk

    • 24% increase in the price of a loaf of bread

    • 50% increase in retail pork prices

    “The consumer’s cost of everything from yogurt and popcorn to breakfast cereal and fast-food french fries is climbing. And a growing number of economists and agribusiness executives think the run-ups could last as long as a decade, raising the cost of all kinds of food.”

    And you wonder why your credit card bill has grown?

    On top of all of this (or under it?) is the fact that corn has recently been engineered to produce its own insecticidal toxins to achieve greater crop yields for these federally funded crops. To achieve this profitability, toxins have been engineered into corn that are designed to cause gut paralysis and kill the insects that consume it.

    It obviously works, as we’ve already lost the bees. But you have to wonder what it is doing to our health and the digestive tracts of our children?

    Eight months ago, warning bells sounded: “Politicians will see that, first of all, corn ethanol is not helping our oil independence. It is increasing the price of food for people in the U.S., it is costing an enormous sum of money for everyone, and it is contributing to environmental problems.”

    Is corn ethanol really the elixir promised to deliver us from our foreign dependency on oil? Or have we thrown our country into the largest food price shock in decades while at the same time subjecting our children to a deadly toxin designed to cause gut paralysis and death in those that consume it?

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