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    Could Gut Worms Protect Against Asthma?

    September 28, 2009 •  no comments.

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    Thank you to our friends in the UK for highlighting this interesting (albeit a bit disgusting!) article from the BBC:
    Gut Worms Protect Against Allergy

    Is it the worm or the diet?

    Is it the worm or the diet?

    This study is interesting in that it analyzes the role that gut worms play in digestive health, something rarely discussed here in the US, but insightful nonetheless. However, in addressing this in isolation, it fails to acknowledge and analyze the role that dietary factors play in the immune system of these children.

    An analysis of the diet consumed in these countries and the role that processed v. unprocessed foods play in the gut health of these children would be an interesting parallel to his rather graphic picture in an effort to learn the whole truth behind what is compromising our health and the health of our children.

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