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    Dare to be Doug: A Soccer Mom's Parable

    March 7, 2010 •  no comments.

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    Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Douglas. He was one of those wiry little things, with a fierce spirit and an iron will. And he would sometimes drive his mother crazy with his unbridled energy and insatiable curiosity. He questioned everything, and despite his asthma and allergies, was a relentless competitor, accomplishing heroic things with a mighty little body often covered in eczema.

    And Douglas’ mom loved him with all her heart and cared for the little boy who had limitless enthusiasm for the world.

    But one day, in the midst of soccer practices and the homework routine, life changed. Douglas’ mom was told that her boy had cancer. And as her world spun, Douglas fought. Because you see, he was a warrior with an enormous will to live bundled in a little boy’s body. And he refused to be conquered by the disease.

    And so with his mother’s love, the care of remarkable doctors, and the support of close friends and family, Douglas dug in his heels and set his iron compass on vanquishing the disease that had taken up residence in his body.

    And he won. Three times over. He won.

    And today, Douglas inspires kids around the country, big kids and little ones, short ones and skinny ones, with a story that dares you to believe in your ability to affect change.

    Today, Doug’s heroic work affects the lives of millions – he is the CEO of Livestrong. And while none of us can change the beginning of our stories, we can change the end.

    Dare to be Doug. And never underestimate the heart of a soccer mom.

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